Mortgage Field Services
Interpreting the nature of work from the General Info tab
Photo arranging, Photo labeling at the Photos tab
Understanding and interpreting Crew reports from the
Reports tab
Adding BIDS as per your specifications under Bids tab
Invoicing as per your price sheets under Invoice tab
Completing BAC Property Preservation report under Reports tab
Identifying the nature of the Work Order
Downloading the photos from the website
Pulling Bid information
Finding and processing various Maintenance W/O documents
Adding Invoice as per the provided price sheet

Improve Efficiency
Decrease Costs
Expand Your Capabilities
Reduce pay roll by 60%
24/7 Work environment
Re-Evaluate and Overhaul Entire Process

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Frequently Asked Questions?
How do you allocate your resources?

Setting Mortgage Field Solutions above the bar, we send a trained professional whom has multiple years’ experience throughout the preservation field to your location for personal training. This allows all techniques to be mastered while asking and fully understanding any questions in your process. Once training has been completed upon your approval the trained personal will than personally take your process and set up your off site office. Trained processors will be dedicated and trained 100% to your company. All systems are set to your discretion (for example; processors having email addresses set to coincide with your company, assigned contact, and more). Once fully trained on your systems and procedures, processors will access your systems on secure lines to fully process only assigned orders from company.

Is updating being done to your clients' site or to the nationals' sites?

We update our clients software or systems as well as the Nationals sites. For example, we will process and update your systems (Eastpoint, or PPW) as well processing and updating the Nationals Sites (VMA).

What type of QC do you do?

QC is set aside with processors to your company, working very close with processors. As “Quality Control”, QC will go through all orders searching and seeking for any possible processing errors as well recording all errors. Processors will than return immediately to fix all errors of the particular order. This allows each processor to learn the error prevent future mistakes.

What type of edit/QC capabilities would we have prior to the results being sent to the national?

As stated above each order will be examined and recorded, as well our process keeps processors responsible and allows constant learning to prevent future errors.
Through our clients we are currently working BAC, Core Logic, and LPS orders. I’d like to set up a conference call to your best convenience, to answer any further questions. For more information you can contact me at 562-472-2290